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Poster: William Tell Date: Jan 17, 2009 10:28am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Make No Mistake......or Take This With a Grain of Salt....

Excellent post, AveJoe. And this is totally unrelated to it, but something I posted over at HOOK where I read this first (you ARE popular! You should copyright this shit!).

Here's what popped into my head while reading this:

"Phil and Friends sounds nothing like the Grateful Dead.
Ratdog sounds nothing like the Grateful Dead.
The Jerry Garcia Band sounded nothing like the Grateful Dead.
You can not remove one fifth of the equation and still expect to arrive at the same destination. Yes, there will still be magic, but not the same magic."

Jerry, alone (well, with Billy), COULD and DID sound as good as the DEAD (his first album).

I suppose that just means that he really was the heart and sould, and extremely talented, which we all know here.

No point to it, and completely unrelated to your point, but here's what it made me think: if Bob had died, or if both drummers had died, or whatever, I do think that Jerry, alone, at least in the 70s, could've carried off the DEAD to a much greater extent than any of the other members.

Maybe a no brainer, but just my random thoughts for the day...

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Poster: high flow Date: Jan 17, 2009 11:31am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Make No Mistake......or Take This With a Grain of Salt....

Tell - Yeah, what if the Other Ones passed first? Or nobody...?

I think, for some reason, if Phil died there would be no more GD. Without Phil, I'm not sure this music could exist in a live-performance, improvisational environment.

The result of Bob's death would have been more subtle, initially. However the addition of Sammy Hagar would be an interesting period in the band's history.

Both drummers croak? That would be extremely bad luck. Let's just assume only 1 drummer bites it and the band lives on w/ a series of guest percussionists along side the surviving skin whacker.

Or, nobody dies and Jerry goes on 14 year Forest Gump tour w/ David Grisman. The pair jogging around the globe, fit as fiddles, playing old songs in random bars and theaters.

Jerry returns trim and tan and he out-short-shorts Bobby during the Summer Reunion Tour! Now THAT, I'd fucking pay to see.

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Poster: grendelschoice Date: Jan 17, 2009 5:45pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Make No Mistake......or Take This With a Grain of Salt....

It's got nothing to do with the prices they're charging. Let 'em charge whatever people will pay. If people will pay it--sure, why wouldn't they?

The more pertinent question is what are YOU the concert-goer getting for that buck? And my point is--having been fortunate enough to have seen the real deal some 75 times or so from 1979-1994, I know that this is a rip-off.

I know this b/c I've seen Phil & Friends and Ratdog and The Other Ones and have given it a chance and it just in the end isn't worth it. It is not only not the same without jerry, it's significantly worse.

It's depressing b/c it's like watching Willie Mays play for the Mets in 1973 letting a ball fall ten feet in front of him that he would have glided to and caught behind his back if he wanted to with the Giants in 1955.

It's stupid because as someone else pointed out there are scores of bands out there playing their asses off for beer money that can really seriously jam and no one is paying any attention, or money to see them. has also been said, if you wanna go, go. Have a great time. I mean that sincerely. Let us know how the shows sounded. But don;t come back and tell me it was "a little like some of the old magic" b/c then you're spitting in my eye and telling me it's raining. I won't believe you and will want proof and when I go back and listen to the boards and hear Bob trying to belt out some Jerry tune and sounding like a broken-down version of Bryan Adams I'm gonna know it was what I expected it would be.

I just don't see the point of going to see "The Dead" and thinking you're capturing ANY of what The Grateful Dead was.

My 2 cents, and in this economy, I'm quite happy to hold onto it.